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How Dangerous is Bubble Soccer?

How Dangerous is Bubble Soccer?

Stay inside the bubble if you want to live!

No, I’m just kidding. Nobody has died from playing bubble soccer, as far as I know, I mean, you are essentially wrapped in bubble wrap, so what could possibly go wrong?

I won’t go as far to say that bubble soccer is perfectly safe because we can injure ourselves by walking down the hallway, I mean, we’re only human. It even though we are wrapped in a cushion of air, there could be some dangers to this sport.

Traumatic neurologic injury in any contact sport could happen but is very rare in the case of bubble soccer. High impact collisions such as in football can create serious consequences for players, but how concerning is that when you are wrapped in a bubble?

I did a little bit of research and only found one report of 16-year-old sustaining cervical spine fractures with incomplete spinal cord injury while playing bubble soccer. This is really the only serious neurological injury reported in the sports since its invention in 2011.

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Players hands, legs, and torso are all fixed inside the battles so players must maintain balance using just their legs. Mobility is restricted in this game but the more flexible and easy-going the player is the safer it is for all.

Other types of injuries such as concussive related injuries or whiplash have been pretty much nonexistent with major leagues of this type of game but all companies should take the necessary steps to make the game as safe as possible for all ages. This means getting bubble soccer equipment that has been field tested for durability and safety in a variety of playing conditions.

Ultimately there’s a risk in just about any type of sport, but I will say that as long as the players understand the guidelines and play in coordinates with the game rules, there’s little to no injury in this type of sport.

We do require our players to play according to the comprehensive list of rules which include but may not be limited to:

-Playing the Ball on the Ground: playing the ball from the ground is not allowed. There is a risk of a player’s legs being stepped on, or from another player falling on a player’s legs.
-Contact on the Ground: no contact is allowed with a player who is already on the ground. There is an increased risk of injury as players try to stand to regain their balance and are contacted while trying to stand.
-No Contact off of the Ball: There will be incidental contact during play as players move toward the ball, however forceful and purposeful contact with another player who is not near the ball can increase injury risk as players will not expect the contact to occur.
-No “launching:”  Players are not allowed to leave the ground or “launch” into another player (jump up into the air).  This increases the risk of players being pushed upwards and coming down from a height to contact the ground. [Source – Quora (Randy Carlson – co-founder of the US Bubble Soccer Association)]

Image courtesy of By Texas A&M University-Commerce Marketing Communications Photography (14548-Bubble Soccer-9090.jpg) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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