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How to Plan a Bubble Soccer Party

How to Plan a Bubble Soccer Party

It is a great time of year for planning and outdoor epic party event. The weather is getting nicer and everyone loves to be outside right now. It is a sure way to get people excited about coming to your event especially when you through a bubble soccer party.

Here are some great tips for throwing a bubble soccer party this summer.

  1. Make sure you have plenty of space.

Bubble soccer requires a large amount of space. The average backyard probably won’t do. A park that has a large grass field area and a picnic pavilion is a great place for a bubble soccer party. If you need some suggestions on great places to have your bubble soccer party near your home just give us a call we would love to help you out.

Some great features to look for in a venue include:How to Plan a Bubble Soccer Party


-a large field or grass area

-tables to set up food and eat, you could bring some in but if they are already there it is so much easier

-grills, shelters, electrical outlets, anything that will make setting things up less work

  1. Plan Activities

Of course, the main event and draw of your party is going to be the Bubble Soccer, while bubble soccer is the most amazing game you will ever play it does require a lot of energy and stamina. So if you have party guests of all ages and physical fitness levels attending you might want to have some fun side activists for the littlest or the oldest party guests. Of course watching the bubble soccer game is a great activity in itself. Bubble soccer is very entertaining and will have everyone at the party laughing not just the players.

In addition to just planning activities, you will want to plan a time frame for the activities. Have a smooth timeline of events including when the meal will take place, games, cake cutting and singing, and etc.

  1. Invite People in Join in on Food and Drinks

Planning a menu to please everyone or fit a number of special needs diets can get expensive and hectic. Provide a few basics and invite guests to bring some of their favorite items. The best way to communicate this, of course, is on the invitation. These keeps your food budget down and allows guests with special needs (or picky eaters) to feel comfortable and excited about attending.

  1. Be FlexibleHow to Plan a Bubble Soccer Party

When planning an epic party not every detail is going to go perfectly. Be prepared to have some hiccups somewhere at some point and tell yourself not to sweat it. There is always an alternative solution. Relax and don’t be yourself up, parties rarely go exactly as planned. Give yourself some grace and breathing room to relax and just have some fun.

We can help you set up a memorable soccer party that everyone will remember for years to come. For more information on having a bubble soccer party please browse our website or contact us anytime.


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