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How to Plan a Bubble Soccer Party for Children Around 10

How to Plan a Bubble Soccer Party for Children Around 10

Bubble soccer is bouncing across the nation as a great alternative to the traditional children’s party. If you don’t know, bubble soccer is a game where players are inside an inflatable ball with only their feet and legs exposed. The idea is that players will run around and bump into each other while trying to score goals with a soccer ball.

Though if you are planning on hosting your own bubble soccer party there are some things to take into consideration when planning a party for kids right around 10 years old. – NOTE: Our bubble soccer is for kids 10 and over

The venue is very important to think about when planning a bubble soccer party. Bubble soccer does require a bit of space and with younger kids who will want to run around and play an open field or a large backyard is probably the best choice. Also, make sure that you have access to things like restrooms and picnic areas for eating (these aren’t necessary but will make party planning easier).

When planning your party, think about if you want to have any other activities for those who don’t want to take part in bubble soccer or who may be too young to participate.

As you start planning your party it is important to do your research on the different bubble soccer providers to make sure that they are reputable. Most providers will provide you not only with the bubbles, but they will also inflate them, help make the players comfortable and teach them how to be safe and play the game.

Safety first

Making sure that players are safe is key to having a great bubble soccer party. It is important to make sure that all harnesses are secure before the playing starts. This ensures that no players will slip out of the bubbles during the game. Bubble providers can help with this process. Next step in safety is making sure all players have proper footwear during the party, this will prevent anyone from getting any foot-related injuries.

With younger players, supervision is going to be important for keeping everyone safe. Players should not be allowed to jump into the air and ram other players, that way there is no risk of anyone landing too hard or being launched into the air. Another safety measure is to not let players make contact with each other unless they are going for the ball. This may be difficult for younger kids, but it is important to do so that no one gets hurt. And no contact should be made with players who are on the ground to prevent the rest of the players from hurting them.

Related – While you’re at it, don’t forget to take some amazing photos of the kids!

Bubble soccer is a great way for kids to release some energy and have a fun time with their friends. Plan your party and enjoy watching your kids and their friends bump, fall and roll all while trying to score points to win the game. Schedule your next party or soccer game now!

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Bubble Soccer, The World’s Most Fun Workout

It is that time of year again when we make goals and resolve to live a better life in the coming year. One of the ways a majority of us do this is to commit to making more time for physical fitness and healthy habits. Most people lace up their running shoes and hit the pavement or sign up for a new class, maybe try a new video series at home. May we suggest bubble soccer? It is a great way to get in a workout and have fun at the same time. You may even find yourself enjoying it so much you will want to come back and work out some more.Bubble Soccer, The World's Most Fun Workout

On average you can burn around 12 to 18 calories a minute running. Add sprinting and carrying a large blow-up bubble soccer suit and you can easily increase your calorie burn and sweat. Play a one hour game and you have burned about a week’s worth of calories all while having fun and no doubt laughing your head off at the same time.

Bubble soccer isn’t just exercising it is a game. Get lost in the game and having fun knocking down your friends and laughing as you watch them try to get back up or die of laughter trying to get back up yourself. Before you know it you will be a sweaty yet happy messy thinking that that was the fastest hour you have ever lived. You will have so much fun you will be sad the game is over.

Once you have burned a whole week’s calories you will go about the rest of your day burning calories at a faster rate than normal an added bonus to your super fun workout. Bubble soccer is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. A HIIT workout can have you burning extra calories for up to 38 hours after you are finished. The extra challenge in the exercise means your body needs to work harder on the restorative process, making bubble soccer one of the best workouts for faster results.

What are you waiting for? Get down here and play a game of bubble soccer to jump-start your New Year’s fitness goals and keep them because you enjoy your new workout.

Schedule your game here!


Image By Texas A&M University-Commerce Marketing Communications Photography (14548-Bubble Soccer-8909.jpg) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Bubble Soccer – The New Flag Football

Who doesn’t like flag football? Okay, maybe not everyone but for those that do, bubble soccer is the next big thing. Stuff yourself into an inflatable ball and roll around the field. Remember when mom said she should wrap you in bubble wrap? Well, here ya go!Flag Football

Instead of soccer, play bubble football. Be that lineman, linebacker, or quarterback and power run through your competition. Put the tackle back in football without the hurt or pain. Here’s how to play:

Each team will designate one of their players to be the actual football. When one team is on the offense, the goal of the “football” is to get into the end zone. Everyone else on the team will need to block him or her. The defense will need to knock the “football” down or out of bounds. If the defense can do this, it counts as one down. The offense now has two downs to get their “football” into the end zone.

Technically, you can play with as many players as there is equipment. It can be played by children and adults but we usually recommend one or the other, not a combination, unless it’s families that understand their children’s limitations. It’s important to be in healthy shape because you do run around a lot and it can get tiring. Make sure to take regular breaks and hydrate. As a general rule, we don’t recommend double soccer for anyone with a heart condition, someone that’s pregnant, or extremely overweight. It’s usually safer most regular users under these precautions.

For Bubble Baller, we recommend only those 10 years of age or older and at least 4 feet in height or taller. We recommend less than 300 pounds and a waistline less than 44 inches in order to fit into the inflatable bubble.

For more information about Bubble Soccer or Bubble Football and to find a league near you or to start a game or schedule a time to play give us a call at any time. Feel free to browse our frequently asked questions to answer anything you might be wondering about this fantastic sport.

Image By Texas A&M University-Commerce Marketing Communications Photography (14548-Bubble Soccer-8909.jpg) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

How Dangerous is Bubble Soccer?

How Dangerous is Bubble Soccer?

Stay inside the bubble if you want to live!

No, I’m just kidding. Nobody has died from playing bubble soccer, as far as I know, I mean, you are essentially wrapped in bubble wrap, so what could possibly go wrong?

I won’t go as far to say that bubble soccer is perfectly safe because we can injure ourselves by walking down the hallway, I mean, we’re only human. It even though we are wrapped in a cushion of air, there could be some dangers to this sport.

Traumatic neurologic injury in any contact sport could happen but is very rare in the case of bubble soccer. High impact collisions such as in football can create serious consequences for players, but how concerning is that when you are wrapped in a bubble?

I did a little bit of research and only found one report of 16-year-old sustaining cervical spine fractures with incomplete spinal cord injury while playing bubble soccer. This is really the only serious neurological injury reported in the sports since its invention in 2011.

Read More: How to Play and Does it hurt?

Players hands, legs, and torso are all fixed inside the battles so players must maintain balance using just their legs. Mobility is restricted in this game but the more flexible and easy-going the player is the safer it is for all.

Other types of injuries such as concussive related injuries or whiplash have been pretty much nonexistent with major leagues of this type of game but all companies should take the necessary steps to make the game as safe as possible for all ages. This means getting bubble soccer equipment that has been field tested for durability and safety in a variety of playing conditions.

Ultimately there’s a risk in just about any type of sport, but I will say that as long as the players understand the guidelines and play in coordinates with the game rules, there’s little to no injury in this type of sport.

We do require our players to play according to the comprehensive list of rules which include but may not be limited to:

-Playing the Ball on the Ground: playing the ball from the ground is not allowed. There is a risk of a player’s legs being stepped on, or from another player falling on a player’s legs.
-Contact on the Ground: no contact is allowed with a player who is already on the ground. There is an increased risk of injury as players try to stand to regain their balance and are contacted while trying to stand.
-No Contact off of the Ball: There will be incidental contact during play as players move toward the ball, however forceful and purposeful contact with another player who is not near the ball can increase injury risk as players will not expect the contact to occur.
-No “launching:”  Players are not allowed to leave the ground or “launch” into another player (jump up into the air).  This increases the risk of players being pushed upwards and coming down from a height to contact the ground. [Source – Quora (Randy Carlson – co-founder of the US Bubble Soccer Association)]

Image courtesy of By Texas A&M University-Commerce Marketing Communications Photography (14548-Bubble Soccer-9090.jpg) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

How to Plan a Bubble Soccer Party

How to Plan a Bubble Soccer Party

It is a great time of year for planning and outdoor epic party event. The weather is getting nicer and everyone loves to be outside right now. It is a sure way to get people excited about coming to your event especially when you through a bubble soccer party.

Here are some great tips for throwing a bubble soccer party this summer.

  1. Make sure you have plenty of space.

Bubble soccer requires a large amount of space. The average backyard probably won’t do. A park that has a large grass field area and a picnic pavilion is a great place for a bubble soccer party. If you need some suggestions on great places to have your bubble soccer party near your home just give us a call we would love to help you out.

Some great features to look for in a venue include:How to Plan a Bubble Soccer Party


-a large field or grass area

-tables to set up food and eat, you could bring some in but if they are already there it is so much easier

-grills, shelters, electrical outlets, anything that will make setting things up less work

  1. Plan Activities

Of course, the main event and draw of your party is going to be the Bubble Soccer, while bubble soccer is the most amazing game you will ever play it does require a lot of energy and stamina. So if you have party guests of all ages and physical fitness levels attending you might want to have some fun side activists for the littlest or the oldest party guests. Of course watching the bubble soccer game is a great activity in itself. Bubble soccer is very entertaining and will have everyone at the party laughing not just the players.

In addition to just planning activities, you will want to plan a time frame for the activities. Have a smooth timeline of events including when the meal will take place, games, cake cutting and singing, and etc.

  1. Invite People in Join in on Food and Drinks

Planning a menu to please everyone or fit a number of special needs diets can get expensive and hectic. Provide a few basics and invite guests to bring some of their favorite items. The best way to communicate this, of course, is on the invitation. These keeps your food budget down and allows guests with special needs (or picky eaters) to feel comfortable and excited about attending.

  1. Be FlexibleHow to Plan a Bubble Soccer Party

When planning an epic party not every detail is going to go perfectly. Be prepared to have some hiccups somewhere at some point and tell yourself not to sweat it. There is always an alternative solution. Relax and don’t be yourself up, parties rarely go exactly as planned. Give yourself some grace and breathing room to relax and just have some fun.

We can help you set up a memorable soccer party that everyone will remember for years to come. For more information on having a bubble soccer party please browse our website or contact us anytime.


Images created from U.S. Army , Anthony J & Tom Hilton

What to Wear for the Best Game of Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer is a fast-paced high-energy game that well-prepared players instantly fall in love with. We want you to have the best game of your life every time you come to play a game of bubble soccer with us. In order to have had a great game, there are some things you will want to know before playing, like the best items to wear.  What to Wear for the Best Game of Bubble Soccer

You wouldn’t  go to an exercise class dressed in jeans and a button up shirt expecting to be comfortable and ready to dance and jump or lift weights. Many people show up to a workout in clothes specifically made for the activities they are about to take part in. Likewise, you will want to wear clothes that allow you to move about freely while running down the field carrying a large inflatable ball.

We have put together some tips and suggestions of the most comfortable types of clothing to wear to be ready to go for a game of bubble soccer.


There is a lot of running involved in bubble soccer. A lot. There is also kicking, turning, and the need to get yourself back up when you get knocked over. The best type of shoes to wear for all this activity is a broken in pair of athletic shoes. Running shoes are best.


The socks inside your shoes are important. Breathable athletic socks are the best for wearing with athletic shoes. You don’t want hot overly sweaty or blistered feet because your socks didn’t hold up.


You will want to wear pants that give you the ability to move and stretch quickly and comfortably.   This can be anything from running shorts to yoga pants to exercise leggings. You will want to refrain from wearing jeans or other materials with very little stretch.

Shirts with Sleeves

If you are playing indoors or in warmer weather, you may feel led to wear a tank to avoid getting too sweaty. The shoulder straps of the bubble ball will come in contact with your bare skin and can rub and get uncomfortable. It is best to wear a shirt with sleeves.

Pull Long Hair Up

Loose hair can get caught in the shoulder straps or fall into your face and limit your ability to play. It is a good idea to pull long hair up to avoid constantly having to move your hair out of the way.

With the right comfortable clothes your game of bubble soccer will be much more enjoyable. Just like a workout class or playing in a regular game of soccer.

For more information on playing the game of bubble soccer or to schedule a bubble soccer game please browse our website or contact us anytime.

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Bubble Soccer-How Do I play and does it hurt?

Bubble Soccer-How Do I play and does it hurt?

Don’t let the crazy videos fool you; bubble soccer is much easier to play than you may think. Yes, you are in fact playing in what can be described as nothing more than a bubble suit; the game of soccer really hasn’t changed. Once everyone has suited up the soccer ball will be placed on center field. Upon the whistle you will then race to the ball and fight for possession. Each team is trying to make a goal and once a goal has been scored the game will re-set at center field and you will be able to fight once more to achieve a goal for your team. While the game of soccer is played in its truest form, the only differences you will encounter is the attire and the potential, and unusual, out of bounds plays.

While playing bubble soccer, as amusing as it may be, there is a possibility that the soccer ball will land inside your bubble, while this isn’t common; it is something to be aware of. Should this happen, the ball will be retrieved and play will resume as usual. Now that we have clarified that bubble soccer indeed is still soccer, let’s touch a little on the contact portion of the game. Does it hurt? The simple answer is no, and this is why.

Bubble soccer is indeed considered a contact sport; the only difference between this contact sport and others such as football, is that instead of wearing pads for protection from your opponents; you are engulfed in a life-sized airbag. Something players may not expect is the fact your arms and even hands are inside your fortress (bubble) for the whole duration of the game. As humans we brace ourselves when we know we are about to be hit, in a car accident, while playing football and of course, in bubble soccer. The best part of bracing yourself for the “big hit” in bubble soccer is that it quite frankly isn’t a big hit at all. While you’re bracing yourself and expecting the force of a full high speed impact you will chuckle at the slight bounce and roll of your fall.

While all sports come with a small risk, the risks in bubble soccer are extremely low. Bubble soccer was first created to be an amusing show put on by comedians and has since taking the world by storm and evolved more than ever expected. With the comedy also come a few rules. While a contact sport, there are still rules and varying cards that can be distributed to players for unnecessary roughness, key word, unnecessary. The only injury that is commonly seen among bubble soccer players in the occasional twisted ankle, lucky for you this is an easy injury to avoid. To avoid the risk of twisting your ankle simply let yourself fall when falling is needed. Don’t, I repeat don’t, stand your ground and let the flailing fun of bubble soccer take over. Book your bubble soccer experience today and let the fun begin!

Image by Nathania Johnson

Questions, Answers and a Whole lot of Fun


If you are considering a bubble soccer adventure it is highly likely that you have many questions you would like to have answered. Even though we’ve seen the videos of the high impact sport, that doesn’t always give you enough information to feel comfortable and confident to book your adventure. A few commonly asked questions and the answers you’ve been waiting for are below!

What exactly is Bubble Soccer?Questions, Answers and a Whole lot of Fun

While it is still soccer, each player is given a giant bubble suit to wear during the game. This allows you to bump, knock and roll into your opponents all while trying to get the ball and make a goal for your team. We’ve all enjoyed a fun round of bumper cars at the Fair; essentially you are playing bumper cars while still playing soccer!

Is Bubble Soccer safe?

When you have fragile items being packed or shipped, more often than not they are wrapped in bubble wrap. While playing you are essentially wrapped up in the life-size equivalent of bubble wrap! Don’t worry you will be perfectly safe inside your bubble suit and wearing a giant bubble of air, much like an air bag, to deflect any impact that is sent your way.

Where do we play?

There are dozens of different options for your Bubble Baller experience. Bubble Baller will provide you will all the equipment you will need and it is your job to find the location that you would like to use for your game. Indoor or outdoor, just ensure that you have a large space with a flat surface. Parks, fields, a concrete court, wood floors, etc. the possibilities are endless. If you are unable or do not want to find a place to play, simply let Bubble Baller know and they will find a location for you!

What do I need to wear?

One thing that you need to keep in mind when playing is to limit and even eliminate anything with a sharp end such as bobby pins, hair clips and cleats. By wearing these you could risk the possibility of popping your bubble. Bubble Soccer is a high intensity sport so be sure that you are not only comfortable in your clothing but that it is movable. We recommend wearing some sort of sports clothing similar to what you would wear to the gym. Kneepads are another great thing to bring along as it could make your over all experience more enjoyable. T-shirts with full sleeves work better than a tank top as you will have straps holding your bubble in place. This will help ensure that you don’t have any friction on your skin.

Do I have to be in good shape to play?

Bubble Soccer is designed for everyone to enjoy and truly is what you decide to make it. You can make the game as high intensity or as low intensity as you would like. If you have any medical conditions or are pregnant make sure to consult your doctor before signing up to play.

If you have any further questions regarding your Bubble Soccer experience feel free to talk to one of Bubble Ballers staff members and they can assist you in answering any and all questions you may have. If you are ready to book your adventure, click here!

And don’t forget! We also do Paintball and Laser Tag for Southwest Missouri!

The Top 4 Reasons Bubble Soccer is Meant For YOU

The Top 4 Reasons Bubble Soccer is Meant For YOU

If we are being completely honest, some of us, including myself, might be a little scared and even, dare I say, intimidated to put on our big kid pants and finally take a leap and try to play a game of Bubble Soccer. While it may look fun to fly through the air in what is quite literally a giant inflated bubble suit, that could also, for lack of a better word, be slightly scary, I’m here to tell you this; don’t let your thoughts or fears hold you back! There are dozens of reasons why Bubble Soccer is a hysterically fun life experience that you don’t want to pass by. For starters:

Be Lean

The movements that are required to play Bubble Soccer are great for burning off that excess weight we so happily put on over the Holiday’s. Get rid of that second or maybe even third plate of your favorite holiday meal and tone your muscles.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

There is a huge difference between trying to explain a beautiful exotic vacation in detail and showing a photograph of the beautiful beaches you visited. The same goes for all adventures in life. You can try to explain a Bubble Soccer adventure, but truly, a photo of you wearing a bubble suit will out do any story. Play the game and be sure to get some photos and videos while you’re at it.

Heart and Lung Health

We’ve all heard the sayings, whether in a magazine, from parents, and sometimes even on the TV, they talk about how often we should be hitting the gym, how we should be eating more greens, drinking more water and getting more sleep, however, we don’t hear much about how we can help our heart and lungs maintain great health. Many of the movements involved in Bubble Soccer require high amounts of effort and specific motions that help your heart and lungs function more efficiently. Sign me up!

Do The Splits

Who doesn’t want to be able to do the splits or just be more flexible in general? I know I sure do! Well in case you aren’t already sold, between all of the walking, sprinting and even running, you can not only form stronger bones, but also by playing you can even enhance your flexibility which in some cases can even contribute to a healthier blood flow! When was the last time you played a game that also offered such great health benefits?

It’s time to come out of your shell, leave any and all fears or doubts behind, and sign up for your Bubble Soccer Adventure. We have one beautiful life and we should enjoy every minute of it. Make memories that will last a lifetime and give you stories to tell for years to come. With so many incredible benefits to offer there is nothing to lose but everything to gain by participating and playing in a game of Bubble Soccer.

Original image by Flickr

You Get What You Pay For in Bubble Soccer


 You Get What You Pay For in Bubble Soccer

Many of us have seen the videos of Bubble Soccer sweeping and flooding the Internet. Our first reaction, of course, is a contagious smile at the bouncing bodies seemingly rolling and flying through the air in what is called a “Bubble Suit.” But what is it you are really paying for? Don’t let the price tag fool you, Bubble Soccer, is in every way, worth the pretty penny.

This high energy sport is an adventure seekers dream. While bumping, running, rolling and even flying through the air, you are burning anywhere from 300-700 calories per hour! I don’t know about you, but when I go to the gym it is a painful and drug out experience where I more often than not, practically cry and beg for my calorie count to rise. My hard work, blood, sweat and tears are all part of getting the perfect end result. After a good and hard workout you often fork over your checkbook and pay a personal trainer anywhere from $60-180 per hour. So I ask, why not spend that $180 on a game?

In Bubble Soccer you are encouraged to bounce, bump and fly over your opponents creating an ideal game that many of us can only dream of. But guess what? That dream can be your reality. Skip the gym and spend that personal training allotment on an hour of high-energy, calorie-burning fun.

To sweeten the deal, Bubble Baller donates 10% of their profits to charity. Each year Bubble Baller selects a new charity to partner with and helps make a difference by their generous donations. What that means for you: part of your visit is donated!

Let’s sum things up for you, you are having fun WHILE burning a high amount of calories, playing a game where it is not only accepted but also encouraged to hit people (because who doesn’t want to do that? In a friendly way of course), getting an adrenaline high like no other, donating to a charity, and spending your hour of “personal training” having an experience you will never forget. So what are you waiting for? Grab your gym buddies, neighbors, family, co-workers or friends and head over to Bubble Baller to get not only your sweat on, but to get that smile of yours stretched from ear to ear.

To get your Bubble Soccer adventure started click here!

Image adapted from Tom Hilton

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