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Bubble Soccer Qualification Quiz

Bubble Soccer Qualification Quiz

A common asked question among people interested in trying bubble soccer for the first time is: “Am I able to play bubble soccer?” Many people wonder what type, age, size, fitness level of a person is cut out to play bubble soccer. The answer to this question is, it really depends on the person wanting to play (most of the time) and their willingness to try something new.  

If you are a little on the reluctant side and unsure if bubble soccer is really something you can do and enjoy we have put together a fun quiz/questionnaire to help you decide if bubble soccer really is the game for you. Just answer these 12 questions to find out if bubble soccer is the game for you. 

Bubble Soccer Player Qualification Quiz 

  1. Do you enjoy having lots of fun? 
  2. Is trying new things something exciting and enjoyable to you?  
  3. Do you feel the tug of FOMO (fear of missing out) when others have plans?  
  4. Do you meet the minimum listed age requirement? (Must be at least 10 years old) 
  5. Are you able to walk? 
  6. Does it sound fun to be a kid at heart for just a few minutes?  
  7. Are you taller than 4 feet?  
  8. Would you enjoy knocking one of your fellow players (usually friends and family) over and laughing as they roll to get up?  
  9. Do you enjoy side-splitting laughter?  
  10. Are you free of serious/significant injury? 
  11. Have you ever done a free fall into your bed or other soft surfaces, like a foam pit, and enjoyed it?  
  12. Are you currently not pregnant?  
  13. Do you like to play games?  


Did you answer yes to most, if not all, of our light-hearted questions? Congratulations the game of bubble soccer is absolutely a game you will enjoy! The key to having fun playing bubble soccer is to not take yourself too seriously and to just let go and have fun. With the exception of not being the right size to operate the bubble or having an injury, bubble soccer is great for all people. Don’t hesitate to book your game of bubble soccer and get ready to have some of the best fun of your life.  

Have more questions about playing or booking a game of bubble soccer in Springfield? We have answers, please browse our website for more info or contact us anytime, we are happy to answer your questions.  



Where Can I Play Bubble Soccer?

Bubble Soccer is a fun and amazing game that will have you laughing and wondering why you didn’t play sooner. Some people looking to book a bubble ball session often wonder where the best place to set up a game is. Since the balls are large and soccer itself takes a large amount of space to play, often times interested players think they are limited to needing a very large field.  

There are actually several great spaces you can set up and play a game of bubble soccer, including a traditional soccer field. Here are some ideas for places to play a game of bubble soccer.  

Where Can I Play Bubble Soccer?

A Basketball Court 

To some this doesn’t seem to be a large enough space and others worry that the floors may be too slick for safe play. In actuality, the smaller area makes it more fun to play a game of 5 on 5 bubble soccer because you get more contact with the ball and each other this way and bumping into each other is the best part of the game.  

As far as the slippery floor, with the proper shoes, it is as safe as playing a game of basketball which is what the floor is made for. Make sure to tell players in your party to bring proper sport court shoes, not open toe shoes, and don’t plan to play barefoot or in socks.  

Indoor courts also provide the added bonus of being able to play in chilly/rainy/snowy weather.  

A School Field 

School playgrounds and ball fields are excellent spaces to host a game of bubble ball. You can either set up on a grass playing field or under a covered cement basketball/sport court or any smooth cement play area.  Just make sure to get permission from the school first for using the area. You don’t want to show up planning to host a game and not have space to play because a local sports team is on the field or some other event is using the space.  

A Park 

There are numerous great places to set up a great game of bubble soccer at the local park. Many parks allow spaces to be reserved for parties and game events. A public park is intended for public use of all kinds, but you do want to call the parks department to ensure they allow the use of the inflatable balls on their field and they have space that is available on the date you want to play.  

A Gymnasium 

This is almost the same as a basketball court. Any facility with a gym is perfect for setting up bubble soccer. The indoor facility allows you to play any time of year and as stated above, the smaller space is actually more fun. Places that have gyms include: local workout gyms, schools, actual gymnastic gyms, YMCAs, churches, and sometimes preschools.  

Indoor Soccer Field 

Bubble soccer can be played just as easily inside as outside. Look up indoor soccer in your area and you may be surprised at how many places pop up. Many of these facilities rent to private parties when space is not being used by teams.  

A Large Yard  

Really all bubble soccer takes is an ample amount of space on the fairly level ground. If you have a large and fairly flat yard or a friend does you can set up a game of bubble soccer.  

Let us Find a Place 

Still stumped on finding a place to get a game of bubble soccer going? We are happy to help you out! We can find a place for you to play in your preferred area, all you need to do is invite your friends!  

To play bubble soccer in Springfield and surrounding areas give us a call today.  


Happy Bubble Soccer Players in Marionville MO

It’s true! We sometimes head out to different locations from Joplin to Springfield and everywhere around the southwest Missouri area but it’s also nice to serve some locals. Here’s a great review from a local Marionville resident.

Happy Bubble Soccer Players in Marionville MOWe scheduled a birthday party for my son’s 12th and decided to take the lot of boys to bubble soccer. It was easy to find Daniel and his services and they had a great set up ready to go when we got there. The boys had a blast and they explained everything very clearly so we all felt safe and prepared. They had so much fun and Bubble Baller was very professional and helped in every way they could. I would definitely choose this activity again for the kids or maybe even adults in the future. Thank you! – Stacie H.

Marionville is a small town just 40 minutes southwest of Springfield. We travel all around with our Bubble Soccer supplies and set up is a breeze. We’d love to be the activities around your next party. Whether it’s a youth group, birthday party, team building exercise or another great outing, Bubble Soccer is a riot for anyone! Watching and playing can both be enjoyable. Give us a call if you’re interested in setting up a party.

Here are some things to know:

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By Tom Hilton

Questions, Answers and a Whole lot of Fun


If you are considering a bubble soccer adventure it is highly likely that you have many questions you would like to have answered. Even though we’ve seen the videos of the high impact sport, that doesn’t always give you enough information to feel comfortable and confident to book your adventure. A few commonly asked questions and the answers you’ve been waiting for are below!

What exactly is Bubble Soccer?Questions, Answers and a Whole lot of Fun

While it is still soccer, each player is given a giant bubble suit to wear during the game. This allows you to bump, knock and roll into your opponents all while trying to get the ball and make a goal for your team. We’ve all enjoyed a fun round of bumper cars at the Fair; essentially you are playing bumper cars while still playing soccer!

Is Bubble Soccer safe?

When you have fragile items being packed or shipped, more often than not they are wrapped in bubble wrap. While playing you are essentially wrapped up in the life-size equivalent of bubble wrap! Don’t worry you will be perfectly safe inside your bubble suit and wearing a giant bubble of air, much like an air bag, to deflect any impact that is sent your way.

Where do we play?

There are dozens of different options for your Bubble Baller experience. Bubble Baller will provide you will all the equipment you will need and it is your job to find the location that you would like to use for your game. Indoor or outdoor, just ensure that you have a large space with a flat surface. Parks, fields, a concrete court, wood floors, etc. the possibilities are endless. If you are unable or do not want to find a place to play, simply let Bubble Baller know and they will find a location for you!

What do I need to wear?

One thing that you need to keep in mind when playing is to limit and even eliminate anything with a sharp end such as bobby pins, hair clips and cleats. By wearing these you could risk the possibility of popping your bubble. Bubble Soccer is a high intensity sport so be sure that you are not only comfortable in your clothing but that it is movable. We recommend wearing some sort of sports clothing similar to what you would wear to the gym. Kneepads are another great thing to bring along as it could make your over all experience more enjoyable. T-shirts with full sleeves work better than a tank top as you will have straps holding your bubble in place. This will help ensure that you don’t have any friction on your skin.

Do I have to be in good shape to play?

Bubble Soccer is designed for everyone to enjoy and truly is what you decide to make it. You can make the game as high intensity or as low intensity as you would like. If you have any medical conditions or are pregnant make sure to consult your doctor before signing up to play.

If you have any further questions regarding your Bubble Soccer experience feel free to talk to one of Bubble Ballers staff members and they can assist you in answering any and all questions you may have. If you are ready to book your adventure, click here!

And don’t forget! We also do Paintball and Laser Tag for Southwest Missouri!

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