Tips For Surviving a Game of Bubble Ball

Okay, maybe “surviving” is a little extreme. Bubble soccer is one of the highest energy, craziest, and most adventure packed sports to play. It’s not maybe the prettiest of games and requires some stamina, but it is fun and full of laughs. Of course, there will be bumps and hits from opponents, because well you are in an inflatable bubble suit and “why not?”  Tips For Surviving a Game of Bubble Ball

Here are some tips for taking hits in the game of bubble soccer:

  1. Know Your Competition- now this may seem silly because you are getting ready to play a game of bubble soccer you are probably going to do so with a big group of friends. So the players on the opposing team, of course, are full of people you already know, or do you? If you have friends that are athletes on sports teams that are rigorous like say football or soccer then expect them to hit with some vigor and force. Maybe you have friends who are runners or dancers, expect them to use their skills in the agility department to whisk and slip around you. Be smart about who you choose to face off against, if you are one of the physically smaller people on the field don’t go up against your tall bodybuilding friend. A side knock might be best when up against a larger opponent.
  2. Do Not Aim Low- do not attempt to hit someone in the legs. Take a chest on approach to hits. When running full on taking a low hit option feels like the right choice, but it really isn’t. A low blow will just take you down.
  3. Straps are our friends- the only way to stay as safe as possible and ensure the ball takes most of the force from a hit is to wear the suit properly. You undoubtedly will take an unexpected hit or knock a few times and those straps are going to be your best friend.
  4. Rest between games- playing one round will take a lot out of you including liquids. That ball gets very sweaty while you are running around. Don’t overdo it if this is your first go round. Hydrate and sit out a round.
  5. The second person to the bump will win the battle– The first person to the collision may feel they have the upper hand but is the second person that sees it coming with the advantage. That slight delay is enough to get the first person off guard and strike back. Usually, it is the second guy who is aware of his surroundings that is left standing.

Bubble soccer is the most fun and excitement you will experience. To schedule a game of bubble soccer in Southwest Missouri including Springfield, Branson, and Buffalo give us a call!

Image adapted from Flickr User Anthony J

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