Frequently Asked Questions

Bubble Suits

Is there an age, height and weight limit?


    • Age: 10 years or older


    • Height: 4 foot or taller


    • Weight: less than 300 pounds


    • Waistline: less than 44 inches



How heavy are these suits?

These bubble suits are about 4 feet in diameter and weigh 20 pounds.

Does it get hot inside the suits?

Yes, it will get hot as you run around and start sweating.  Inside the suit, is about 10 degrees hotter than the temperature outside.  We recommend you bring water and a towel.

What about the germs?

We disinfect the suits, handles, and harness after each event.

Let’s Talk Money

How do you accept payments?

We accept all major credit cards or debit cards.  When you book a package, we will send you an invoice for your payment.  Please note that your date is not booked until payment is received in full.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

If you need to cancel let us know ASAP and you will get a full refund.  BUT, if you cancel within 48 hours or less of your reservation date, you will only receive a refund of 50%.

Why is it so expensive?

It really isn’t that expensive when you break down the price and compare this Awesomeness to other things you could do for an hour.  Nothing you do for an hour will compare to the fun and giggles you will have playing Bubble Baller!

TIP – to make it more affordable, get as many friends to play and split the cost.

Do Non for Profit organizations get a discount?

Yes they do.  All Non for Profit organizations get 10% discount off the package prices.

Playing Bubble Soccer

Is Bubble Soccer safe?

Yes, the bubble suit protects you from your head to your knees. A safety harness with two straps hold you up, and there are 2 handles to hold on to.  The only complaint are sore abs from laughing so hard.

What are the rules of Bubble Soccer?

The rules are very simple.  Kick the ball into the opposite goal while hitting anyone in your way.

What should I wear?

We recommend you wear your athletic clothes and shoes.  Also bring water and a towel, as you will get hot and sweaty.

How many players do I need?

A minimum of 10 players are needed to book a package.  BUT, for each hour you book a package, you can have up to 30 players.  In one hour, you can play (3) full games 5 vs 5.

What if I can’t find 9 people to play?

We will soon offer leagues and run tournaments, which will only require 5 players per team.  Keep up with us on any of the social sites for any news and announcements.

Where can I play Bubble Soccer?

We provide all the equipment and you provide the facility or field. Don’t have access to a location? Just let us know, and we can find a location for you.

Any flat surface will work such as a wood floor, grass field, or even smooth concrete. We could use a gym, a park, or even a mowed field..

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes. As with any athletic sport, there is a risk of physical injury when playing. We will give you some tips on what not to do, but you are responsible for playing safely. Every player will need to sign the liability waiver.  Players under 18, a parent or guardian must sign the liability waiver. The waiver can be found HERE.        


Can you really help us raise extra money?

You bet your Bubble Ball we can.  Not only does your Non for Profit organization get a 10% discount but you get to bring in the crowds for this new and awesome sport that very few people have played. Below are ways for you raise extra money by hiring Bubble Baller:

    • Admission at the door
    • Concession sales
    • Charge per person to play (10 people can play every 10 minutes)
    • Any other creative way you can think of



What age group can we use Bubble Baller for?

We recommend 10 years or older.  The reason being is that you must be at least 4 foot tall to play the game, otherwise the bubble suits are too large to wear.  Now if you have some 8-9 year olds that are already that tall, they certainly can play.

How does the Liability Insurance work for an event?

Bubble Baller is fully insured, so no risk goes to the organization.  Plus, we require every player to sign a Liability Release before a game.

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