What to Wear for the Best Game of Bubble Soccer

Bubble soccer is a fast-paced high-energy game that well-prepared players instantly fall in love with. We want you to have the best game of your life every time you come to play a game of bubble soccer with us. In order to have had a great game, there are some things you will want to know before playing, like the best items to wear.  What to Wear for the Best Game of Bubble Soccer

You wouldn’t  go to an exercise class dressed in jeans and a button up shirt expecting to be comfortable and ready to dance and jump or lift weights. Many people show up to a workout in clothes specifically made for the activities they are about to take part in. Likewise, you will want to wear clothes that allow you to move about freely while running down the field carrying a large inflatable ball.

We have put together some tips and suggestions of the most comfortable types of clothing to wear to be ready to go for a game of bubble soccer.


There is a lot of running involved in bubble soccer. A lot. There is also kicking, turning, and the need to get yourself back up when you get knocked over. The best type of shoes to wear for all this activity is a broken in pair of athletic shoes. Running shoes are best.


The socks inside your shoes are important. Breathable athletic socks are the best for wearing with athletic shoes. You don’t want hot overly sweaty or blistered feet because your socks didn’t hold up.


You will want to wear pants that give you the ability to move and stretch quickly and comfortably.   This can be anything from running shorts to yoga pants to exercise leggings. You will want to refrain from wearing jeans or other materials with very little stretch.

Shirts with Sleeves

If you are playing indoors or in warmer weather, you may feel led to wear a tank to avoid getting too sweaty. The shoulder straps of the bubble ball will come in contact with your bare skin and can rub and get uncomfortable. It is best to wear a shirt with sleeves.

Pull Long Hair Up

Loose hair can get caught in the shoulder straps or fall into your face and limit your ability to play. It is a good idea to pull long hair up to avoid constantly having to move your hair out of the way.

With the right comfortable clothes your game of bubble soccer will be much more enjoyable. Just like a workout class or playing in a regular game of soccer.

For more information on playing the game of bubble soccer or to schedule a bubble soccer game please browse our website or contact us anytime.

Image by COD Newsroom Flickr

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