How to Plan a Bubble Soccer Party for Children Around 10

How to Plan a Bubble Soccer Party for Children Around 10

Bubble soccer is bouncing across the nation as a great alternative to the traditional children’s party. If you don’t know, bubble soccer is a game where players are inside an inflatable ball with only their feet and legs exposed. The idea is that players will run around and bump into each other while trying to score goals with a soccer ball.

Though if you are planning on hosting your own bubble soccer party there are some things to take into consideration when planning a party for kids right around 10 years old. – NOTE: Our bubble soccer is for kids 10 and over

The venue is very important to think about when planning a bubble soccer party. Bubble soccer does require a bit of space and with younger kids who will want to run around and play an open field or a large backyard is probably the best choice. Also, make sure that you have access to things like restrooms and picnic areas for eating (these aren’t necessary but will make party planning easier).

When planning your party, think about if you want to have any other activities for those who don’t want to take part in bubble soccer or who may be too young to participate.

As you start planning your party it is important to do your research on the different bubble soccer providers to make sure that they are reputable. Most providers will provide you not only with the bubbles, but they will also inflate them, help make the players comfortable and teach them how to be safe and play the game.

Safety first

Making sure that players are safe is key to having a great bubble soccer party. It is important to make sure that all harnesses are secure before the playing starts. This ensures that no players will slip out of the bubbles during the game. Bubble providers can help with this process. Next step in safety is making sure all players have proper footwear during the party, this will prevent anyone from getting any foot-related injuries.

With younger players, supervision is going to be important for keeping everyone safe. Players should not be allowed to jump into the air and ram other players, that way there is no risk of anyone landing too hard or being launched into the air. Another safety measure is to not let players make contact with each other unless they are going for the ball. This may be difficult for younger kids, but it is important to do so that no one gets hurt. And no contact should be made with players who are on the ground to prevent the rest of the players from hurting them.

Related – While you’re at it, don’t forget to take some amazing photos of the kids!

Bubble soccer is a great way for kids to release some energy and have a fun time with their friends. Plan your party and enjoy watching your kids and their friends bump, fall and roll all while trying to score points to win the game. Schedule your next party or soccer game now!

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