Moves to Rule the Bubble Soccer Field

Moves to Rule the Bubble Soccer Field

Bubble soccer really can be enjoyed by every one of qualifying age, size, and physical ability. There is no way that even the least athletic of players will not enjoy a game of bubble soccer. We can all agree that having some tricks up our sleeves to give us a leg up on the game can make it all the more fun. So though you don’t need any special sports abilities to play bubble soccer, we have compiled a list of great moves to try during your next game.  


Try These Bubble Ball Moves to Up Your Game 


  • The Spin Maneuver: This is a pretty simple “trick,” it is just the act of spinning around very quickly when another player is coming up close and is about to bump you to knock you off your feet. With the perfect timing you can send your opponent flying past you as you stand and watch. 
  • The Jump Into It: This move should be done with care and not too much force. Instead of running into another player you leap up a bit and jump into them. This is best used in a face off when both players are attempting to take each other down. It will give you a bit of extra leverage to be the victor in a faceoff.  
  • The Down Low: This will help anyone struggling to stay on their feet to do so more easily. Spread your feet out wide and get down sort of into a squat like a sumo wrestler. It will do wonders to help you stay grounded and on your feet. 
  • The Sudden Stop and Break: A great maneuver for a face off situation. When you notice the other player coming toward you or say the ball at the same time you are going for them or the ball, suddenly stop and change your direction.  
  • The Bounce Back: This is a more advanced move to be tried by those who are very fit or athletic. You can use this to get out of the way quickly when under attack. Bounce back onto your back and then back up onto your feet as your opponent flies past you.  
  • The Tuck and Roll: This is another more advanced moved for the more agile and fit of players. You tuck your entire body into the bubble ball, including your feet, as another player is coming at you, and roll away as fast as you can. Roll so that you land on your feet and can pop back up to run and keep going.  


Now that you have all of the expert moves it is time to book your game of bubble soccer to rule the field. Book a game of bubble soccer in Springfield and surrounding areas with us today.  

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