Keep Your Kid’s Brain Active in The Summer with Bubble Soccer

Summer has officially begun. It a time for fun and a break for the kiddos from the daily work of school. Though summer is a great time for kids to let loose and be kids teachers fear that without regular practice students begin to forget information they retain while in school and that much of the fall is spent re-learning and reviewing.Keep Your Kid's Brain Active in The Summer with Bubble Soccer

Help your kids to retain the knowledge they have acquired by keeping them active and encouraging them to read and do work books. In addition to this, keep them physically active. Recent studies have revealed that exercise is not just for physical health, but is also essential for a healthy brain in developing children and adolescents.

The study was conducted by a Harvard University psychiatrist, John J. Ratey. He found that exercise does in fact improve brain chemistry and function. Exercise increases the brain’s supply of neurotransmitters that improve connections between neurons. Exercise is also responsible for an increased production of BDNF, a protein that helps to build and maintain pathways in the brain. After these research findings doctor John J. Ratey said, “exercise is the single most powerful tool you have to optimize brain function.”

Looking at Ratey’s study further, students who participated in sports programs were found to have better attendance records, better graduation rates, and better scores on standardized tests.

There are many great ways to get your kids involved in physical activity and help them optimize their brain development to be as successful as they can be in all areas of life.

  • Enroll them in a sports team
  • Take advantage of local summer camps
  • Take them to the park for a few minutes of play
  • Go for a stroll or bike ride through the neighborhood
  • Let them run through the sprinklers or have a water war in the yard
  • Hop in the community pool/aquatic center
  • Come play bubble ball!

We are sort of biased toward that last one of course. We believe there is so much fun to be had in a game of bubble ball and that it is hard to walk away from your first game of bubble ball and not say it was one of the best things you have ever done. Bubble soccer will definitely get your kids up and active and having fun while doing it. Now new research shows it will benefit your kids educational development as well.

Bubble soccer is fun the whole family can enjoy. Check out more information about bubble soccer on our website or contact us to set up a game of bubble soccer around Missouri.

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