Family Time During the Holidays – Bubble Soccer as a Gift

Family Time During the Holidays - Bubble Soccer as a Gift

Even if you’re not having the Griswold family Christmas with everybody and their dog including cousin Eddie, you still might have friends and family coming for several days and you might be looking for some fun things to do.

Bubble Baller can be a great gift or a great event to keep those family members occupied and worn out. The last thing you want is aunt Martha complaining about every little detail of your green being casserole or simply trying to round up all of the kids and cousins after playing in the snow. Why not have them get out some of that energy with a wonderful game of bubble soccer?

Schedule your event today and you can either use our venue or a venue that might be a little closer to home. Give us a call for times and rates and see if there are any discounts currently for group rates.

Maybe you have a youth group or a bunch of friends bidding together for holiday fun. This is a great event for teambuilding, expelling some energy, and a good old-fashioned laughable time.

If you’re looking for bubble soccer in the Springfield Missouri area or anywhere around Southwest Missouri, make sure you check our competitive rates at We always have events, activities, fun games, discounts, coupons, and competitive rates going on throughout the year.

Give Bubble Baller as a Christmas gift.

This might be a great Christmas gift to give your use pastor, Boys and Girls Club members or leaders, pastors, friends and family, and anyone who is looking for that unique gift.

Schedule your bubble ball or event today or simply call us for times and rates.  417-319-1616

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