Is Bubble Soccer Safe and How Can I Know I Am Playing with Safe Equipment

Is Bubble Soccer Safe and How Can I Know I Am Playing with Safe Equipment

Bubble soccer is a fun sport that includes bumping into other players on purpose, because of this bubble soccer may seem a bit intimidating when first spectating a game and make you wonder if it is a safe game to play.

Any sport that you play is going to come with some physical risk taking involved. Bubble soccer when played using the proper equipment and following the correct safety guidelines is an very safe sport. There is no hard conclusive study conducted on the safety of bubble soccer, but based on the experience of bubble soccer in the U.S. There are fewer injuries in bubble soccer than many other sports.

To provide the safest possible game of bubble soccer to the customer a reputable provider uses high quality equipment, a safe playing space, and proper rules and guidelines.

Safe Equipment

There are a few different manufacturers of bubble soccer suits in the country. When good equipment is used properly it should provide sufficient head and neck protection during game play. Safe bubble suits have straps that stay tight and do not become loose while playing, proper head clearance while the suit is worn, and soft handles to decrease risk of the player bumping them while playing.

Straps and head clearance are mandatory features of a safe bubble suit. It is not uncommon for a player to flip upside down during a bubble soccer game or take a zealous bump from another excited player. Correctly adjusted straps and plenty of head clearance from the top of the bubble suit will keep a player’s head and neck from coming in contact with the ground or other players to ensure a very minimal risk of injury. The amount of head clearance is also the responsibility of the bubble ball operator as they should be checking  that there is proper distance between the top of the suit and the top of the player’s head.

Some bubble suits are made with hard plastic handles. This is not the safest possible bubble equipment to be playing with as a hard plastic handle can be bumped into during play causing injury especially if it comes in contact with the eyes. Another more painful injury that can come from hard handles in a bubble suit is nose, mouth, or orbital fracture. A soft woven plastic sheath handle is much safer.

In addition to the best equipment the proper rules and environment of play should be used to protect every player. This includes playing the ball on the ground, no contact allowed with fallen players, no extreme forceful contact especially against players who do not have the ball, no launching off the ground into other players, anyone not playing must stay well clear of the field this means not on the sidelines, when playing inside cones must be used and the field must be set up far from walls and bleachers, no contact at all beyond the field boundaries, and penalties for anyone not following the rules.

The best way to enforce rules is with the use of a referee and a good bubble ball company will provide this.  

All in all bubble soccer is a very safe sport when played correctly and with the safest equipment. The team at Bubble Baller is a member of the USBSA, the largest organization of bubble soccer operators in the United States and uses the best equipment. You can feel at ease when playing bubble soccer with Bubble baller.

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