Bubble Soccer Qualification Quiz

Bubble Soccer Qualification Quiz

A common asked question among people interested in trying bubble soccer for the first time is: “Am I able to play bubble soccer?” Many people wonder what type, age, size, fitness level of a person is cut out to play bubble soccer. The answer to this question is, it really depends on the person wanting to play (most of the time) and their willingness to try something new.  

If you are a little on the reluctant side and unsure if bubble soccer is really something you can do and enjoy we have put together a fun quiz/questionnaire to help you decide if bubble soccer really is the game for you. Just answer these 12 questions to find out if bubble soccer is the game for you. 

Bubble Soccer Player Qualification Quiz 

  1. Do you enjoy having lots of fun? 
  2. Is trying new things something exciting and enjoyable to you?  
  3. Do you feel the tug of FOMO (fear of missing out) when others have plans?  
  4. Do you meet the minimum listed age requirement? (Must be at least 10 years old) 
  5. Are you able to walk? 
  6. Does it sound fun to be a kid at heart for just a few minutes?  
  7. Are you taller than 4 feet?  
  8. Would you enjoy knocking one of your fellow players (usually friends and family) over and laughing as they roll to get up?  
  9. Do you enjoy side-splitting laughter?  
  10. Are you free of serious/significant injury? 
  11. Have you ever done a free fall into your bed or other soft surfaces, like a foam pit, and enjoyed it?  
  12. Are you currently not pregnant?  
  13. Do you like to play games?  


Did you answer yes to most, if not all, of our light-hearted questions? Congratulations the game of bubble soccer is absolutely a game you will enjoy! The key to having fun playing bubble soccer is to not take yourself too seriously and to just let go and have fun. With the exception of not being the right size to operate the bubble or having an injury, bubble soccer is great for all people. Don’t hesitate to book your game of bubble soccer and get ready to have some of the best fun of your life.  

Have more questions about playing or booking a game of bubble soccer in Springfield? We have answers, please browse our website for more info or contact us anytime, we are happy to answer your questions.  



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