Bubble Soccer-How Do I play and does it hurt?

Bubble Soccer-How Do I play and does it hurt?

Don’t let the crazy videos fool you; bubble soccer is much easier to play than you may think. Yes, you are in fact playing in what can be described as nothing more than a bubble suit; the game of soccer really hasn’t changed. Once everyone has suited up the soccer ball will be placed on center field. Upon the whistle you will then race to the ball and fight for possession. Each team is trying to make a goal and once a goal has been scored the game will re-set at center field and you will be able to fight once more to achieve a goal for your team. While the game of soccer is played in its truest form, the only differences you will encounter is the attire and the potential, and unusual, out of bounds plays.

While playing bubble soccer, as amusing as it may be, there is a possibility that the soccer ball will land inside your bubble, while this isn’t common; it is something to be aware of. Should this happen, the ball will be retrieved and play will resume as usual. Now that we have clarified that bubble soccer indeed is still soccer, let’s touch a little on the contact portion of the game. Does it hurt? The simple answer is no, and this is why.

Bubble soccer is indeed considered a contact sport; the only difference between this contact sport and others such as football, is that instead of wearing pads for protection from your opponents; you are engulfed in a life-sized airbag. Something players may not expect is the fact your arms and even hands are inside your fortress (bubble) for the whole duration of the game. As humans we brace ourselves when we know we are about to be hit, in a car accident, while playing football and of course, in bubble soccer. The best part of bracing yourself for the “big hit” in bubble soccer is that it quite frankly isn’t a big hit at all. While you’re bracing yourself and expecting the force of a full high speed impact you will chuckle at the slight bounce and roll of your fall.

While all sports come with a small risk, the risks in bubble soccer are extremely low. Bubble soccer was first created to be an amusing show put on by comedians and has since taking the world by storm and evolved more than ever expected. With the comedy also come a few rules. While a contact sport, there are still rules and varying cards that can be distributed to players for unnecessary roughness, key word, unnecessary. The only injury that is commonly seen among bubble soccer players in the occasional twisted ankle, lucky for you this is an easy injury to avoid. To avoid the risk of twisting your ankle simply let yourself fall when falling is needed. Don’t, I repeat don’t, stand your ground and let the flailing fun of bubble soccer take over. Book your bubble soccer experience today and let the fun begin!

Image by Nathania Johnson

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