Bubble Soccer – The New Flag Football

Who doesn’t like flag football? Okay, maybe not everyone but for those that do, bubble soccer is the next big thing. Stuff yourself into an inflatable ball and roll around the field. Remember when mom said she should wrap you in bubble wrap? Well, here ya go!Flag Football

Instead of soccer, play bubble football. Be that lineman, linebacker, or quarterback and power run through your competition. Put the tackle back in football without the hurt or pain. Here’s how to play:

Each team will designate one of their players to be the actual football. When one team is on the offense, the goal of the “football” is to get into the end zone. Everyone else on the team will need to block him or her. The defense will need to knock the “football” down or out of bounds. If the defense can do this, it counts as one down. The offense now has two downs to get their “football” into the end zone.

Technically, you can play with as many players as there is equipment. It can be played by children and adults but we usually recommend one or the other, not a combination, unless it’s families that understand their children’s limitations. It’s important to be in healthy shape because you do run around a lot and it can get tiring. Make sure to take regular breaks and hydrate. As a general rule, we don’t recommend double soccer for anyone with a heart condition, someone that’s pregnant, or extremely overweight. It’s usually safer most regular users under these precautions.

For Bubble Baller, we recommend only those 10 years of age or older and at least 4 feet in height or taller. We recommend less than 300 pounds and a waistline less than 44 inches in order to fit into the inflatable bubble.

For more information about Bubble Soccer or Bubble Football and to find a league near you or to start a game or schedule a time to play give us a call at any time. Feel free to browse our frequently asked questions to answer anything you might be wondering about this fantastic sport.

Image By Texas A&M University-Commerce Marketing Communications Photography (14548-Bubble Soccer-8909.jpg) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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